Hello, We're CroJack

We Buy & Sell Brand Name Excess Inventory!

CroJack operates a group of companies that help brand name consumer products manufacturers expand distribution outside of core channels. The company offers a unique inventory solution that allows our suppliers to optimize the recovery value for excess and obsolete merchandise. While closeouts are our focus, CroJack also distributes mainline brands to key Canadian accounts and the value channel. With locations in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, CroJack is a local business with global reach.

We've Been Doing This Way Too Long...

Yes, we've been doing this a long time, it's our passion, and we love doing it. With a combined 40 years industry experience, CroJack taps into its extensive knowledge and database to make your life easy. Whether you would like to augment your customer portfolio, sell off inventory, or are looking for great deals, we can help.


CroJack works tirelessly with toy, children's product, sporting goods, electronics, gift, seasonal, pet and home goods manufacturers to quickly and quietly move their excess inventories outside of traditional distribution channels. We also distribute mainline merchandise to key Canadian retailers and the value channel globally.


CroJack has also rapidly become one of the most relevant sources of product for off-price retailers globally - providing them with branded and licensed first quality merchandise, at massive savings. CroJack is an efficient business that is comfortable operating at lower margins as compared to our competitors. This means our customers do not pay huge markups. In many cases, our ability to purchase larger inventories often mean our customers pay less than buying direct.