Retailers Can't Get Enough of CroJack - They Want To Marry Us.

OK, so no one has made any proposals to CroJack yet, but our customers do know that we respect their need for finding great items, spending less time finding them, and making more margins selling them!

Buying Closeouts Without Paying the Price

Retailers - if you're not fully aware of this, you need to know...Your time is valuable!! It's true, we recognize that and we want to help.

Some think that saving money means skipping the middleman and buying direct from manufacturers, but that's not always true. In fact it's seldom true. When manufacturers get to focus on what they do best - selling profitable merchandise - they have the flexibility to discount slow moving goods.

Furthermore when CroJack takes away the time and costs associated with moving our suppliers' own inventories to off-price retailers (all for a very small margin on our part), they find themselves with a compelling solution and you, the buyer, gets to more competitively secure the product and fill your shelves.

Simply put, by helping manufacturers, CroJack helps you to buy great deals!

How do you get in on these great deals?

We make it really easy. You'll see - just give us a call, send us an email or have your people call our people and you'll be showered with great deals and overwhelmingly wonderful people.

It starts right HERE.

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