Manufacturers Love Us - And Why Shouldn't They?

Manufacturers typically prefer to spend their time and resources making profits by selling their new and in-line product - not focusing on how to lose less on their closeouts, excess, overstocks, and opportunity items (and any other terminology associated with product that's not selling well).

"We have been working with CroJack for many years as one of our active liquidators of distressed merchandise. They have done a great job of following all restrictions and managing to get pricing at the high end of the rest of the market. We continue to work with them into 2014."

EVP Global Sales - Spin Master Toys

When the product hits the decline stage of its life cycle, that's where we come into the picture and dedicate our time and resources to optimize the return in the off-price retail trade. CroJack is your secondary retail strategy!

CroJack maintains a vast number of relationships with off-price retail customers in North America, South & Central America, Europe and Australia.

CroJack has a small in-house sales force and an extensive network of sales representatives around the globe to maximize the reach for your product.

We also understand the importance of restricting where your product is offered, so we tailor our sales efforts to eliminate companies, markets, and classes of trade that would create channel conflict.

CroJack has made it easy to optimize the opportunity for your product while protecting your core business...

"CroJack has been a great partner over the years. We value their vast global distribution network, and look forward to working with them for years to come."

Executive Vice President - Ontel

Selling Closeouts in 3 Easy Steps

1. Let us know the items you have inclusive of product specs, pricing, and quantity available by location for each item.

2. Tell us where we CANNOT sell the items. We are fully in tune with ensuring goods end up in the right channel, so please tell us which countries, regions, classes of trade, and accounts are off limits.

3. Work with us to determine the best solution for you. CJ will often offer to buy your product upfront or can help you achieve a higher price by strategically selling the product for you.

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